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How difficult are you to do business with?

We live in a fast food, easy access, on-demand, digital age where consumers and businesses increasingly expect to be able to engage with organisations with minimal effort. Customers will always seek value, but not at the expense of a torturous journey. So, why then do so few organisations take the time to really understand how much effort it takes for their customers (and prospects) to deal with them?

We recognise that understanding 'effort' is a critical component for accelerated growth and so, we have recently enhanced our customer-centricity framework by the inclusion of a straightforward Customer Effort Analysis & Scoring approach. This compliments the other existing Customer Experience components to provide an adaptable suite to match individual business needs: 

  • Customer loyalty
  • External world touchpoints & key moments of truth
  • Expectations, needs & differentiators
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer-centric strategy & organisation alignment
  • Customer effort measurement & analysis


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