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New services


To further compliment and enhance the range of services that we offer, we are delighted to announce the summer release of two new services:


Merger/acquisition integration & improvement - undertaking pre-investment due diligence (whether through a third-party or using internal resources) is only one element of achieving an effective merger or acquisition. It is vital that the new business is quickly and successfully integrated and improved. It becomes difficult to undertake this effectively when the organisation's resources must also continue to deliver business as usual. Blairgowrie have designed an approach to enable seamless integration and straighforward improvement across the following:

- leadership and communication

- culture 

- operational processes and technologies

- customers

- financial systems and reporting


Virtual project office - as organisations change and grow, they can find themsleves faced with undertaking a variety of initiatives, projects and key changes outside of the business as usual activities. Many of these organisations do not have the scale or budget to establish a full-time project/programme office. The Blairgowrie vitrual PMO provides regular objective oversight and straightforward leadership reporting for a fraction of the cost of a typical PMO that enables:

- confidence that each project/initiative is on track and matches expectations.

- identification of key conflicts - overlaps, resource limitations etc.

- the ability to take proactive intervention when requred.


If you would like to discuss further, or potentially become part of our foundational pilot (foundational customer recieve a 50% discount on standard charges), please contact John Cronin, Managing Director on:

+44 (0)7734 438517