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Aligning activities with strategy


Organisations have business strategies, values, a vision, customer focused activity, improvement & change initiatives as well as imperatives that they must achieve.  Many however, find it challenging to ensure that these are clearly aligned, linked & communicated:

  • How the business vision & values shape our strategy?
  • What does the business vision really mean to customers & employees?
  • Do the existing initiatives & projects support the business strategy?
  • Do the strategies guarantee achievement of our business imperatives?
  • Does real customer insight influence the business strategy planning?
  • How do we engage employees & align them to support the strategy?
  • What are the real "no compromise" imperatives that must be achieved? 


Enabling organisations to link strategy, business need & focus organisational activity

Our strategy framework

We use a variety of pragmatic tools across the framework appropriate to each client needs. 



The framework allows the effective development of cohesive business growth strategies whilst ensuring that all business activities and employees remain aligned with this.