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At Blairgowrie Associates, we aim to build long-term, trusted relationships with our clients and value the quality of those relationships first and foremost.

We continually seek feedback throughout to ensure that there are "no surprises" and that we remain aligned to providing maximum value to our clients.


Below are a few examples of the recent feedback that the team have received. 

"Blairgowrie were referred to me when we required a specific 3 month project to undertake a review of a new group to develop a new unique service. The aim was to provide a structured, scalable solution that the group could take ownership of thereafter. It was immediate from the outset that they brought a huge amount of knowledge and focus to the project which the team quickly bought into. This was important as we knew we would require significant input and buy-in from the existing team. On a deliverable basis their work was very good, however, it was the impact, quality and thoroughness of the work that quickly led me to integrating Blairgowrie much further and deeper into our business. 

They have since gone on to help me challenge my senior leadership team when we were going through our strategy planning routine, along with acting as a mentor for some of the company's aspiring talent. I can give no greater compliment other than Blairgowrie are now recognised as a trusted partner to the business and I would highly recommend them".

 Andrew Armitage, Managing Director. Business services organisation

 "I appointed Blairgowrie to support the development of our Board's strategic planning process. They were exceptional in engaging with the team, understanding our business and forcing us to be laser-like in developing the business strategy. I absolutely believe that this focus has driven positive results in our execution. Their rigorous approach to us focusing on our true imperatives was probably the single most important driver for successful strategic execution. This, aligned with their insight, personalities and intellect, has to be a recipe for success".

Steve Malone, Managing Director. Procurement business.

 "Blairgowrie Associates worked with the Group for a couple of months on a consultancy basis. They played a key role in helping us size and analyse the markets in which the business operates, and following on from that provided additional support to map out a growth plan. Their expertise in market sizing, analysis and strategic advice supplemented the skills in the management team".

Adam Carswell, Group Managing Director. Private education group.

 I am sharing with you my experience of working recently with Blairgowrie Associates.
Having been in industry, exceeding 40 years, and being involved with many projects and people at all levels, I know that experience alone is not enough to get by. Sometimes you meet a person who can spark a change in your approach, a repositioning of thinking and to recognise this. However, their views must strike a chord with you and your situation. In the short time I have been working with John as my business and leader business coach, his observations, comment and guidance have had a positive impact on me, my approach to my work and my colleagues. Sometimes we are guilty of listening but not hearing, with John you listen and you want to hear more.  The insight and suggestions offered to me were a valuable and cherished gift that I will hold onto. I had the answers to how to bring out my talent and abilities to the full but I never asked the right questions of myself. The coaching showed me the way. All I can do is offer this testimonial and recommend that if you need to consider business strategy, growth and leadership coaching, like myself, to achieve the best you can then turn to John and be assured that securing him and his team in Blairgowrie as trusted advisers, you will have a clearer vision for the future and achieve your goals and overcome your challenges.

Ian Purvey, Technical Director. Facilities management business

"Blairgowrie consulted for us on a business re-engineering and process improvement project that involved canvassing a number of stakeholder needs from different businesses within the group. They showed excellent experience in managing and engaging a variety of people both senior and junior, collating ideas, giving guidance, questioning and innovating, in order to come up with best way to do things that all parties bought in to. I was impressed with their "tool box" of various management tools that they freely shared with all. Blairgowrie did not only consult on helping us improve business process, but also helped to develop our management team and approach. It was a pleasure to work with them and I look forward to the next opportunity".

Yves Bizimana, Head of Financial Operations. Recruitment group.

 "Blairgowrie provided fantastic insight not only into our current processes and where potential failures and risk areas may arrive, but also helped resolve and develop those areas. They quickly showed a great understanding of how our business operates, which enabled them to engage quickly and efficiently with multiple stakeholders within the organisation. If I needed a consultant in the future, I shall be contacting Blairgowrie again in a heartbeat!"

Carl Gould, Service Delivery Leader. Business services organisation.