Blairgowrie Associates

Blairgowrie - Customer Experience and Organisational Efficiency Specialists

We focus upon helping organisations unlock their business and people potential to enable them to accelerate growth. There are four foundational areas that we operate across:


Reduce CostsLeadership coaching

Developing effective leadership focus for individuals and teams who are able to inspire and collaborate effectively. This enables a clear focus on leading the organisation, especially in times of change, as well as energising both peer colleagues and employees to embrace opportunities and drive towards common aims. A truly effective leadership team of true leaders is likely to be the biggest positive impact to an organisation's success.


Competitive AdvantageOrganisational strategy alignment

Ensuring that business strategy supports the business vision & key imperatives (must achieve results) and that all organisational activities are intrinsically linked to supporting the delivery of strategy. This helps to focus on what is really value-adding to the organisation, as well as acting as a change catalyst to engage employees who are delivering business-as-usual activities & initiatives.


Win New CustomersCommercially-focused change

Delivering targeted, prioritised improvements & organisational changes that add the greatest value and growth benefits to the business & external stakeholders. This moves strategy into delivery and when aligned with external insight, provides tangible opportunities to build future scalability, competitive efficiency and improvements that add real value.

Reduce CostsClient centricity & insight

Understanding the external world that a business operates within, primarily through broad customer insight but also across markets, suppliers & competitors.This provides the ability to focus, target opportunities, differentiate and ultimately gain increased competitive advantage whilst ensuring that existing strategy and business activties add real value in the eyes of the external world.